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Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns unblocked is one of the scary games online inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s games. If you are a fan of Scott Cawthon’s games, make sure you play this title to experience a new horror adventure. The game also gives you a chance to prove your survivability.

You play as a night watchman working at Zoolax Inc. The owner of this place has just invested in an antique store that has many old dolls called Evil Clowns. You need to help the owner watch the place for some nights. All you need to do is to make sure everything inside the building safe. However, Evil Clowns start roaming at night. They move around the place just to want to enter your office. You are equipped with some cameras so you must use them to track all the movements of those enemies. Make sure you stop them from coming inside, or they will jumpscare you. Try to finish all nights to become the winner! Play Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns game online for free now! Have fun!

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