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Too Many Ponies: ‘Create Your OC’ Edition is the online game that you can enjoy online for free right now. In which, you are the new owner of a Mirror Pool v2. This Mirror Pool can allow you to create or clone the own OCs in form of the little creatures named Pufs. At the starting stage, you will choose your Pufs and feed them with stuff. However, the most important thing that you should remember that is you are able to share with the world by using the Export option. It will help you build up an exact copy of Too Many Ponies but with your OCs. What you need to do to export an actual and interactive game with OCs in Too Many Ponies: ‘Create Your OC’ Edition for others to play is simple. firstly, move to the “Export” screen and hit the “Export Interactive” button. Next, you save the SWF file to your disk. Then, upload it to e.g. Deviantart. And you are successful. Let’s explore this exciting technology now!

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