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SPRINGTRAP’S RAMPAGE is an FNAF fan made game in which you will play as Springtrap, the famous animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. Your story starts since you are found within the walls. From that moments, you are monitored and watch every day by the manager and his kids. you become very busy at Freddy’s Fright so that you can do nothing. Even, you don’t have the free time to use the potty or talk to others. Until one day you can’t suffer anymore and you determine to destroy that place and escape. Move around the restaurant in SPRINGTRAP’S RAMPAGE and you can collect some useful tools. Then, you can attack everyone crossing your way. In dark areas, there are many enemies hiding. Are you ready to take part in this brutal combat? Just show up your fighting skills and you can remove all of the evils persons easily. Let’s explore and enjoy right now!

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