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Interactive Sleeping Foxy! is a free-to-play FNAF fan made game. You have the chance to meet Foxy the Pirate in the real animal. Hide behind the curtain he doesn’t want to chase and attach any security guard. But, in this time, he feels asleep and needs someone to pet him. You are the person that he chooses in this FNAF game. He is curling up on a pillow. And you can touch his head at the position that the arrow guides. Click until he is satisfied and opens eyes to give you an affectionate look. And you can complete your objective. In general, Interactive Sleeping Foxy! is a cute FNAF game for you to entertain and overcome its challenge. It means that you can build up a good relationship with foxy without effort. Just act patiently and you will win. Are you willing to lull him and make your day become slight? Hope you enjoyed!

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