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Five Nights Of Love v1.5 is a dating sim FNAF game in which you will have the great occasion to play as a night-shift security guard and build up the good relationship with animatronics for free. Unlike other previous official FNAF games created by Scott, these robots can talk and allow you to give them gifts. If you want to meet and interact with them, you can open the camera system and choose the favorite area. If you are lucky, you can stop them before they roam around other places. Remember that each movement of you will consume the limited power. So, you should pay attention to this problem and save the power as possible. In case you end the night, it will be refilled. In this FNAF game, you can collect some coins by sweeping the floor. In case you end the night, it will be refilled. why don’t you embark on the first night, listen to the voice of the Phone Guy, and find out how to make friends with animatronics? Have much fun!

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