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Five Nights Mega Parking is the unofficial FNAF game. In which, you will not play as the security guard who working at the family pizza restaurant from 12 AM to 6 AM anymore. But, you take on the role of a driver. The mission that you have to implement is quite usual. Just drive all of the cars in the world of animatronics and park them at the area where is marked by a region of light. This can be found easily because around you is the darkness. The first thing you need to do when you embark on the Five Nights Mega Parking is to open the map. Then, pick out the vehicle that you like most. After Go, you can start the engine and steer. Everything can take place pretty slowly. And you can get some minor troubles while driving. On the way, you should reach and collect the circles. Let’s challenge your skills and see if how long you can unlock all maps! Good luck!

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