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Five Nights at Old Toy Factory 2020 is one of the best FNAF games for players to play for free. The game is set in a scary facility like the original Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. It brings you a horror adventure that requires you to have strategies, tactics, and good survivability.

You may find it familiar when it comes to Five Nights at Old Toy Factory 2020 gameplay. You begin to work as a nightguard at a toy shop. This is the place where people come to enjoy strange events. The owner of the facility hired you to help him safeguard the building at night. You start the job from 12 AM and work all the way to 6 AM. Since you are a night watchman, you are allowed to explore every corner inside the building. Feel free to make your way through it, but you have to defend yourself from animatronics. They begin moving around the building, and if you get caught, you will be jumpscared. Survive for all nights to become the winner. Play Five Nights at Old Toy Factory 2020 unblocked for free!

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