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Play Five Nights at Frozen v. 1.4 and explore another awesome horror FNAF fan game for free! You are the security guard hired to work in a castle. The mission of you when working there is to monitor cameras and look after everything including beautiful animatronic princesses. Be careful! They are the scary characters that you need to keep away from them. Thus, your real objective in this FNAF game is not simple as you think. You have to sit at a place in a dark room to observe and supervise every movement of these scary animatronic robots coming from the Disney world. Don’t worry! There are many buttons to control the doors and check the halls. You should defend your life and survive nights. If you let one of them catch you, you will be stuffed in an empty suit. Cameras, doors, the lights are the effective tools that you need to handle properly. Avoid attacks or jumpscares! Good luck!

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