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Five Days At Jumpscare Academy is an interesting dating sim FNAF game. You are Mike, a bright student of a big school. You are gathered there because you own enough necessary skills to become the best. This academy includes the animatronics and jumpscarers. Each of them is unique. And you are recommended to embrace them. You will have five days to make friends with those characters. Each day will have a couple stages. When you sleep, you will be brought to the next one. When five days ends, only two of you will graduate successfully. So, your mission in Five Days At Jumpscare Academy is to study hard to pass the test and get to know every classmate. If you focus on learning, you will increase the chance os passing the exam. In case you fail, you must stay until evening to make up work. Move to the own room if you want to rest. Every advice is here. Let’s move around the map right now!

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