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Can You Escape Love? Inspired by Undertale GAME is the horror FNAF game made by Chibixi. Yang the Sheep is the mascot of the old year. This character doesn’t want anyone forget him. If you try to step into the new year, you have to beat him. After the conversation, he immediately turns into a scary animatronics. Your mission is to find out the best to escape as soon as possible or you must stay with him forever. In Can You Escape Love? Inspired by Undertale GAME, you need to move around the room to pick up some items, solve puzzles, unlock the door, and combine objects that you collected to unravel some secrets. Each time you gather them, you will receive scores. If you face the monster, you should defeat it by avoiding attacks and dangerous Christmas gifts or it will drain your HP. There are many exciting challenges waiting for you. Let’s play and explore right now!

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