FNIA: Ultimate Location

FNIA: Ultimate Location

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Five Nights in Anime 3 is FNAF fangame inspired by anime design style. It is an important part of the Five Nights in Anime series and promises many hot surprises.

Five Nights in Anime 3 Download
Five Nights in Anime 3 Download

Did you ever think that horror genre like the FNAF series would be hot? Yes, that was the idea of FNIA, a series of horror survival games with anime graphics. You will see how refreshing it is when the animatronics are completely different from the original. Those unfriendly faces were now sweet and hot faces of girls. FNIA Ultimate Location fangame will make you fall in love with the classic suspense gameplay of FNAF mechanics. However, it also gives you a great euphoria that you never felt in old games.

FNIA: Ultimate Location DEMO V1.2

Download FNIA: Ultimate Location DEMO V1.2

FNIA art package V3.1

Download FNIA art package V3.1

The gameplay of the game does not seem to be much different from FNAF. Therefore, your duty is still to participate in the dark nights as the guard of a restaurant. But this time, your followers are girls with the appearance of previously familiar mysterious creatures. They may cheer you up, but the eerie sounds will keep you in suspense. Meetings are no longer an obsession, but you probably don’t want that either. Save your electrical energy to close the door when needed. At the same time, you should use the light bulb at the main door only in case of an emergency to avoid visits. The game context is also new with sparkling stars in the dark night. The sound is also more alive than ever to give you a real survival feeling like in the original. That’s what’s great about this game, it’s just as great as the FNAF download, isn’t it?

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