Five Nights at Ducky’s

Five Nights at Ducky’s

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Five Nights at Ducky’s brings you a horror vibe. You come to a restaurant to work and fight against Ducky with his friends. Try to use your skills to survive them!

Five Nights at Ducky’s takes you on a horror adventure full of animatronics

This horror adventure is based on the one from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon. Although you have a familiar horror adventure, you still obtain a new experience. Similar to the original series, you also come to a creepy restaurant and work there for some nights.

The restaurant is famous for an animatronic named Ducky. Besides, there are also some of his friends. These animatronics serve the customers during the daytime with their performances on the stage. However, when night comes, they become aggressive.

Five Nights at Ducky's Updated Game
Five Nights at Ducky’s Updated Game

You work at the restaurant at night. You have to check the cameras to make sure all the rooms are secure. When you check them, those animatronics will appear on the screens. So, you need to watch their movements as well as make sure they will not enter your room.

Download Five Nights at Ducky’s

Download Five Nights at Ducky’s

Ducky is the strongest animatronic. Hence, you need to use smart strategies to defeat them and avoid their attacks. Watch your doors and make sure the animatronics will not get into your room.

The way you play this fan game is probably the same as you play in the original series. However, the tactics you apply may be different a bit. Whatever you do, make sure you play it well and survive to win.

Five Nights at Ducky’s free download lets you play to practice and improve your strategic and surviving skills.

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