Dayshift at Candy’s

Dayshift at Candy’s

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A Dayshift at Freddy’s Fangame is a great combination of FNAF and FNF (Friday Night Funkin’). You can enjoy unprecedented levels of music playing among animatronics.

FNAF Dayshift at Candy's Download
FNAF Dayshift at Candy’s Download

FNAF download is already very famous for its horror survival adventure chapters and classic point & click mechanics. However, it is getting more and more fresh with the fangame versions, leading to a rich development from the gameplay to the setting, characters, images and more. Among them, we must mention FNAF Dayshift at Candy’s, a super fun fangame where you can enjoy an experience like never before in FNAF. Here, you will have to make wise decisions to step into the impressive music playing screen. The music playing mechanism is no different from FNF, the legendary music game series that any gamer knows. But this time, the game has brought a lot of songs with different genres. So you can freely choose music and enjoy it in relaxation, not the thrill as usual.

Dayshift at Candy’s + Nightshift

Download Dayshift at Candy’s + Nightshift

Dayshift at Candy’s + Nightshift Soundtrack

Download Dayshift at Candy’s + Nightshift Soundtrack

Horror survival adventures are no more, but you still meet cartoon characters with bizarre looks. This time, they seem different than usual because they are ready to become real artists. You can accompany them now in a new setting and story. This game is inspired by Five Nights at Candy’s, but it is more refreshing in the gameplay. You will play with characters from Freddy Fazbender’s rival shop. It promises to be exciting reunions with music and much more. We think you’re really looking forward to it, but for now, you can play it by downloading it here for free.

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